Our Story

Back in 1987, after years in the automotive field, my wife and I decided to open  our own place. We put up our house as collateral, borrowed money from everyone we knew, found a place in one day and opened the doors 30 days later !

They say ignorance is bliss and obviously that’s true. We had no business plan, no financial cushion, and a 3 and a 5 year old. But we had a dream and lots of energy. We did it all from walking fliers door to door to scrubbing the floors and cutting the lawn, to painting the building. Kids sleeping in sleeping bags in the back of the truck.

Looking back 25 years, it seems crazy to have taken such risks, but we have no regrets and we never looked back. We had a vision of what we wanted, a family owned, neighborhood shop in which people trusted us and our work. We believe we’ve succeeded.

Thank you Englewood, we have enjoyed servicing you and the Denver Metro area for over 23 years.

Patrick and Colleen Burke